About Justyn


Justyn Gorman - Image © Paul Johnson/Flightline UK – www.airshows.org.uk

Justyn Gorman – Image © Paul Johnson/Flightline UK – www.airshows.org.uk

Before learning to fly Justyn spent many years short circuit motorcycle road racing to British National and European level. In 1999 Justyn won both the formula 400, and 250 production championships, and the time had come to move on and find another interest and sport. Having a strong passion for aviation, a trial lesson was the catalyst and within 9 weeks he aquired his private pilots licence. Justyn quickly progressed and within a few months aquired a cheap to operate two seat canvas and tube Rans aircraft. “It was extremely economical to fly, in fact around £10 an hour (at that time) in unleaded Mogas road fuel”

Many hours later, and with significant experience acquired, Justyn began aerobatic, formation and tail wheel training with the Tiger Club at Headcorn. This gave him access to numerous tail wheel aerobatic aircraft, and in particular the Stampe SV4C. He completed basic aerobatic training in the Stampe and then spent many hours working on technique before progressing to the Pitts Special, aquiring his initial DA (display authorisation) IN 2002

Justyn used the Pitts to hone and further his aerobatic skills display flying and competing successfully to advanced level.

2006 saw the aquisition of a commercial licence, Justyn displayed both the Extra 300L and the Pitts S-2B. The latter aircraft was part of Will Curtis Biggin Hill based Road Angel Team and saw Justyn participate at some of the biggest airshows in the country such as the Southend, Sunderland and Southport Airshows with a total audience over the season of over 10 million people. Justyn has concentrated on his display flying in the Extra 300L to Unlimited level, and regularly trains in France with his coach Diana Britten. Today, Justyn has flown over 117 types of aircraft from ultra-lights to the supersonic Jaguar, and has amassed 5000+ quality flying hours, with @3000 of these being aerobatic! Justyn now works as a commercial Captain flying the Hawker Beechcraft BE200 Super King Air and holds both FAA and EASA ATP licences.